Business Planning & Consulting

If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who wants to make a real difference while you’re in business and leave behind a body of work that continues to do good for your family, your customers, and the world after you’re gone, you’ve come to the right place.


Business Creation

Business Formation & Management. Business formation is a pivotal time in your new company’s lifecycle. Your choice of entity impacts ownership, liability, taxes, profit sharing, ongoing management, eventual sale, and much, much more.
Arch Legacy can help you make the ideal choice.  Arch Legacy will work with you to grow your business from day one. We support startups and small businesses through their exciting lifecycle, from business formation to sale – and every challenge and opportunity in between.


Business Consulting & Growth

The traditional law business model is flawed. It incentivizes lawyers to spend more time on matters (since they are billing for every hour in six-minute increments), increase conflict (the more conflict there is, the longer the engagement), and constantly focus on the next new client (one off transactions are the norm in most legal practices). Plus, the world has shifted and quite a lot of legal work has become commoditized into online legal drafting software, documents on demand and do-it-yourself lawyering.

Lawyers, not being entrepreneurs, tried to compete and became mere shadows themselves – document drafters, doing one-off transactions for clients, such as incorporating business, and then went on the hunt for the next new client.

Not us! We build lifetime relationships with our clients. Because a legal relationship not built upon a lifetime foundation is worthless. Really. If you want a transaction, go online and find a document drafting service. If you want someone great that will help you move your awesome idea into a revenue generating business, take your existing business to the next level of excellence, and prepare you and your business to leave behind a legacy of significance, you’ve come to the right place.


Business Succession

What is your end game? How do you really want to leave you legacy? Arch Legacy will work with you to ensure that your business is maximized to leave the ultimate legacy – whether it be selling or passing it on to your children. We will work with you to answer these questions…

  • Will your business continue operating if you become incapacitated or die?
  • If your business partnership ends, will it be an amicable exit?
  •  Do you need help navigating the transition of power in your business?
  • Should you get a business valuation before you transfer?
  • Do you need a buy-sell agreement?


Trish Butcher


Thank you for your interest.  I know you have a lot of options when it comes to legal planning.  At Arch Legacy Firm, we are devoted to helping families and professionals protect their loved ones and practice through estate planning and asset protection planning.  We look forward to meeting with you!