Medical Contracts


Medical Contracts

Medical Contract Lawyer in Athens, GA

Graduating from school is a huge achievement! Unfortunately, this often carries large debts along with it for many healthcare professionals. This makes it even more important that your employment contract is fair and reasonable and helps ensure security for your career. 

At BHL, we can help ensure that your employment contract is handled properly. By knowing your value, understanding your contract, and negotiating smartly, we can ensure that your agreement is fair and attainable. Negotiation is almost always expected, so don’t ever be afraid to make reasonable requests after receiving your offer. The true goal of a good employment agreement is to achieve a contract that actually gets signed, reasonably protects long-term interests, and fosters a good start to a sound working relationship.

If you have chosen to pursue more entrepreneurial goals, we can help you with these contracts as well! Whether its patient consent forms or employment agreements for your future employees, we are happy to help. Let BHL help you ensure that your practice is always protected and compliant with state and federal laws. 




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